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UARSC Sponsored Projects - GRC Faculty/Staff Alert System

Automated Funding Search Now Available!

The UARSC Office of Sponsored Projects and the Office of Graduate Studies and Research in affiliation with the American Association of State Colleges & Universities/Grants Resource Center (GRC) are pleased to offer you the GRC Faculty/Staff Alert System, an automated external funding opportunities notification system.  By enrolling, you will receive monthly notices via email of current funding opportunities customized to your project or research needs.

To subscribe, fill out the following online form.  Please note you must select codes from BOTH the GrantSearch Function Codes List and the GrantSearch Source Codes List.  You may select multiple codes from both of these lists.  If you should have any questions, please contact the UARSC Office of Sponsored Projects at (760) 750-4700. 

(as you would like it listed at the GRC)

GrantSearch Function Codes Listing

02 Collaborative Activities
03 Collections/Research Resources
04 Conferences/Workshops
05 Institutional Partnerships
06 Construction
08 Curriculum/Materials Development
10 Demonstration/Model Projects
11 Dissemination/Outreach
12 Direct Services, Provision of
14 Equipment/Instrumentation, Acquisition or Development
15 Off-campus Activities (Domestic)
16 Fellowships (Postdoctoral)
18 General Operating Support
20 Graduate and Dissertation Support
22 Minority Institution Support
24 Institutional/Departmental Development Support
25 Centers/Institutes
26 International
28 New Investigators/Career Development Awards
29 Policy Studies
30 Publications/Translations/Exhibitions/Productions
32 Research Project Support
36 Technical Assistance
38 Training
40 Off-campus Activities Abroad for Investigators
44 Visiting Personnel/Academic Exchanges
46 Undergraduate Support
48 Small Grants/Seed Money
50 Evaluation
52 Planning Grants
54 Prevention
56 Supplements

GrantSearch Source Codes and Descriptions

02/000 Agricultural and Animal Sciences, Misc.
02/A00 Animal Sciences, Misc.
02/A10 Animal Health
02/A20 Fish and Wildlife Management
02/A30 Aquaculture
02/B00 Plant Sciences/Agriculture
02/C00 Forestry
02/E00 Water Resources Management

04/000 Business and Commerce, Misc.
04/A00 Business, Misc.
04/A10 Finance/Accounting
04/A20 Marketing
04/B00 Management, Misc.
04/B10 Labor and Industrial Relations
04/B20 Personnel Management
04/B30 Organizational Theory
04/C00 Commerce, Misc.
04/C10 Minority Business
04/C20 Small Business

05/000 Community/Economic Development, Misc.
05/A00 Community Development, Misc.
05/C00 Housing
05/D00 International Development
05/E00 Legal System, Misc.
05/E10 Law and Justice
05/E20 Crime and Corrections
05/E21 Violence/Violence Prevention
05/E30 Social Justice/Human Rights
05/F00 Transportation, Misc.
05/F10 Highway
05/F20 Aviation/Maritime
05/G00 Social Services
05/G10 Family/Family Services
05/H00 Economic Development, Misc.
05/H10 Urban/Urban Development
05/H20 Rural/Rural Development
05/J00 Employment and Training
05/J10 Workforce Development
05/K00 Disaster Response/Preparedness

06/000 Education, Misc.
06/A00 Research on Education, Misc.
06/A10 Research on Educational Processes
06/A20 Research on Educational Organizations
06/B00 Early Childhood Education
06/C00 Elementary and Secondary Education
06/D00 Higher Education Imrpovement and Support
06/D10 Higher Education Student Services
06/E00 Adult and Continuing Education
06/E10 Lifelong Learning
06/F00 Vocational Education
06/G00 Rehabilitation Education
06/H00 Special Education
06/J00 Bilingual Education
06/K00 Science and Math Education
06/L00 Basic Skills
06/L10 Literacy
06/M00 International Education
06/P00 Educational Technology
06/P10 Distance Learning / E-learning
06/Q00 Teacher Education
06/R00 Mentoring
06/S00 Leadership/Professional Development
06/T00 Civics Education

08/000 Engineering and Other Applied Sciences, Misc.
08/A00 Engineering, Misc.
08/A10 Civil Engineering
08/A20 Mechanical Engineering
08/A30 Electrical Engineering
08/A40 Chemical Engineering
08/A50 Industrial Engineering
08/A60 Aeronautics Engineering
08/B00 Materials Science
08/C00 Environmental Sciences
08/C10 Climate Change/Global Warming
08/D00 Computer and Information Sciences
08/E00 Mining and Mineral Sciences
08/F00 Space Sciences
08/G00 Energy Sciences, Misc.
08/G10 Energy Conservation
08/G20 Coal
08/G30 Gas
08/G40 Oil
08/G50 Renewable Energy/Bioenergy
08/G60 Solar Energy
08/G70 Nuclear Energy
08/H00 Security, Misc.
08/H10 Homeland Security
08/H20 Cyber Security

09/000 Technology, Misc.
09/A00 Cyber Technology
09/B00 Digital Technnology
09/C00 Informatics/Information Technology
09/D00 Nanotechnology

10/000 Fine, Applied, and Performing Arts, Misc.
10/A00 Applied Arts, Architecture and Design, Misc.
10/A10 Crafts
10/A20 Design
10/B00 Fine Arts, Misc.
10/B10 Visual Arts
10/C00 Folk Arts
10/D00 Media Arts, Misc.
10/D10 Cinematography, Film and Video
10/D20 Photography
10/D30 Radio Production and Services
10/D40 TV Production and Services
10/E00 Museums and Historic Preservation, Misc.
10/E10 Museums
10/E20 Historic Preservation
10/F00 Performing Arts, Misc.
10/F10 Dance
10/F20 Dramatic Arts/Theater
10/F30 Music
10/G00 Arts Organizations and Management
10/H00 Art Conservation and Preservation
10/J00 Performances/Tours/Festivals/Exhibits

12/000 Humanities, Misc.
12/A00 Archaeology
12/B00 Area, Ethnic and Classical Studies, Misc.
12/B10 Area Studies
12/B20 Ethnic Studies
12/B30 Classical Studies
12/C00 Foreign Languages and Literature, Misc.
12/C10 Chinese Language and Literature
12/C20 Japanese Language and Literature
12/D00 History
12/E00 Library Support, Misc.
12/E10 Library Sciences
12/F00 English/Literature
12/F10 Creative Writing
12/F20 Journalism
12/F21 Mass Media
12/G00 Philosophy and Ethics
12/H00 Religious Studies
12/K00 Linguistics

14/000 Life Sciences and Health, Misc.
14/A00 Biology
14/A10 Biochemistry
14/A20 Genetics
14/A30 Microbiology
14/A40 Neurosciences
14/A50 Plant Biology/Botany
14/A60 Zoology
14/A70 Systematic Biology/Ecology
14/A80 Biotechnology
14/B00 Alcohol, Drug Abuse and Mental Health, Misc.
14/B10 Addiction
14/B11 Alcohol/Alcoholism
14/B12 Drug Abuse
14/B20 Mental Health
14/C00 Allergy and Infectious Diseases, Misc.
14/C10 Allergic Diseases
14/C20 Immunology and Immunologic Diseases
14/C30 Infectious Diseases/Virology
14/C32 Hepatitis
14/C33 Sexually Transmitted Diseases
14/D00 Cancer
14/E00 Cardiovascular System and Blood, Misc.
14/E10 Blood Diseases and Resources
14/E20 Heart/Cardiology
14/E30 Vascular System Function and Disease
14/F00 Dental Health and Diseases
14/G00 Digestive and Kidney Function, Misc.
14/G10 Digestive System Function
14/G20 Kidney Function and Diseases
14/H00 Endocrinology and Metabolic Disease, Misc.
14/H10 Endocrinology and Hormone Function
14/H20 Metabology and Metabolic Diseases
14/J00 Environmental Health, Misc.
14/J10 Toxicology
14/J20 Epidemiology
14/K00 Food, Drugs, and Medical Devices, Misc.
14/K10 Food Sciences
14/K20 Drugs/Pharmacology
14/K30 Medical Devices and Technology
14/L00 Human Development, Misc.
14/L10 Aging/Gerontology
14/L200 Maternal and Child Heatlh
14/L21 Child Development
14/L30 Cognitive Development and Process
14/L40 Nutrition
14/L50 Developmental Disabilities
14/L60 Family Planning
14/L70 Genetic Diseases Counseling
14/L80 Pregnancy and Perinatology
14/L90 Reproductive Sciences
14/M00 Lung and Pulmonary Function
14/N00 Musculoskeletal System Function, Misc.
14/N10 Rheumatic Diseases/Arthritis
14/N20 Bone and Bone Diseases
14/N30 Skin Diseases/Dermatology
14/P00 Neurological and Communicative Functions, Misc.
14/P10 Communicative Disorders
14/P20 Neurological Disease and Disorders
14/P21 Alzheimer's Disease
14/P22 Stroke
14/Q00 Occupational Safety and Health
14/R00 Vision/Eye Disease
14/T00 Health Professions, Misc.
14/T10 Medical Professions
14/T20 Nursing
14/T30 Allied Heath
14/T40 Public Health
14/T50 Social Work
14/U00 Preventative Health, Misc.
14/U10 Exercise and Fitness
14/U20 Smoking and Health
14/V00 Health Care Delivery, Admin and Finance

16/000 Physical and Mathematical Sciences, Misc.
16/A00 Astronomical Sciences
16/B00 Atmospheric Sciences/Meteorology
16/C00 Chemistry
16/D00 Earth Sciences, Misc.
16/D10 Geology
16/D20 Oceanography
16/E00 Mathematics
16/F00 Physics

18/000 Social and Behavioral Sciences, Misc.
18/A00 Anthropology
18/C00 Economics
18/D00 Geography
18/F00 Political Science/Government, Misc.
18/F10 Domestic Political Science
18/F11 Public Affairs/Public Policy
18/F12 Democracy/Civic Engagement
18/F20 International Relations
18/F21 Arms Control
18/G00 Population Studies/Demography, Misc.
18/G10 Migration/Immigration
18/H00 Psychology/Behavorial Sciences
18/J00 Sociology/Social Sciences

20/000 Special Populations, Misc.
20/A00 Adolescents
20/B00 Aged/Ederly
20/C00 Children
20/D00 Disadvantaged
20/E00 Ethnic Minorities, Misc.
20/E10 African Americans
20/E20 Latinos
20/E30 Native Americans
20/E40 Asian/Pacific Islanders
20/F00 Gifted and Talented
20/G00 Individuals with Disabilities
20/H00 Migrants
20/J00 Refugees
20/K00 Women
20/L00 Veterans
20/M00 Diverse Populations/Diversity
20/N00 Gay, Lesbian, Bisexual, Transgender
20/P00 Prison Populations

By clicking the submit button your selections will be forwarded to the UARSC Office of Sponsored Projects