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UARSC Office Depot Purchasing Guidelines

Office Depot Account#: #27760788
(to be used for purchases on UARSC projects only)

Fax: (888) 813-7272
POD (Purchase Order Department): (888) 263-3423
Billing:  (800) 721-6592

Purchasing Procedure:
  • Department creates a list of items being ordered from Office Depot and attaches it to a UARSC purchase order form.
  • Write UARSC's Office Depot account number just below the PO# box.
  • Important: Always clarify with Office Depot the "ship to" address.
  • Prices are obtained from (a) Office Depot catalog or website - less 38%, or (b) call Office Depot if not in catalog or website.
  • Determine if there is any delivery charge for large items by contacting Office Depot
  • Department submits signed purchase order form to UARSC.
  • UARSC office assigns PO# and copies are scanned back to the Department.
  • Department needs to fax the purchase order to Office Depot. (Do not mail the original vendor copy to Office Depot.)
  • When items received, department remits either copy of P.O. or Office Depot Receiver/Invoice, marked "OK to pay" to UARSC for payment.
  • Department to submit a POA (Purchase Order Amendment) if final cost exceeds original PO amount by $100 or more.