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Chapter 5

UARSC Office of Sponsored Projects
Principal Investigator/Project Director Manual

Chapter 5:  How do I purchase supplies and equipment?


Purchase Order, Check Request, Petty Cash

According to generally accepted procurement standards, the preferred method of purchasing is through a purchase order.  Use of a purchase order demonstrates a degree of planning and forethought desirable to sponsors.  Typically, this form is used when purchasing any item or service costing $100 or more, through vendors who can invoice UARSC.

Other options available are Check Requests for purchases of $50 or more and Petty Cash Requests for purchases less than $50.

Please review Procedures for Purchase Order, Check Request and Petty Cash Forms for detailed information regarding the use of these expenditure forms.

Procurement Procedures

The Procurement Policy for UARSC blends efficient business practices and governing policies that emanate from the State and Federal governments.  The implementation of this policy rests with Project Directors, who are responsible for upholding the procurement requirements.  

Please review the information regarding special procedures for Office Depot purchase orders and for buying or leasing computer equipment.