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Student Centers

Latin@ Center

The Latin@ Center is a welcoming space where students can showcase Latin@ culture, academic excellence, and inspire social change to the wider campus community.

Phone: (760) 750-3670
Email: Latin@ Center
Location: USU 3300A

Vet Center

The Veterans Center is a one-stop shop for veterans, active-duty and their dependents.

Phone: (760) 750-4827
Location: Building 4
Wooden building next to Markstein Hall


The Gender Equity Center provides a space that celebrates and affirms students of all gender identities and expressions. 

Phone: (760) 750-4988
Location: USU 3200



The Cross Cultural Center provides services and implements programs that foster an inclusive environment to encourage full and equal participation of all students.

Phone: (760) 750-4958
Location: USU 3400


BSC Opening

The Black Student Center aims to create a welcoming environment for all student populations and direct students to important support services.

Phone: (760) 750-3675
Location: USU 4200


The LGBTQA Pride Center provides a space that celebrates and affirms students who identify with all genders and sexualities in the LGBTQA community and their allies.

Phone: (760) 750-3077
Location: USU 3100