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Link to Vote for your ASI Board of Directors

On behalf of Associated Students, Inc. and the Elections Committee, we would like to thank you for your interest in your student government!

The Board of Directors General Election

The General Election is the regularly scheduled election for all ASI elected offices. It is held annually the week prior to Spring Break.

Elections for the 2016/17 term are now complete. Look out for upcoming information on any vacancies for which you may apply.

Your Current 2016/17 Board of Directors

Executive Positions

President: Collin Bogie

Executive Vice President: Aaron Herrscher

Vice President of Student & University Affairs: Christopher Morales

Chair & Chief of Staff: Rhiannon Ripley

Representative Positions

College of Business Administration: Idayat Bola-Akindele, Christopher Lee

College of Education, Health & Human Services: John Mejia, Rebecca Ortego

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences: Louis Adamsel, Gabriela Manrique, Nicolas Pollino, Samuel Ramtin

College of Science and Mathematics: Nolan Fox, Yumary Vasquez

Student at Large Positions

Representative for Diversity & Inclusion: Anna Rapada

Representative for Sustainability: Diana Bautista

Veterans Student Representative: Michael Negrete

Election Codes

The Elections Committee can serve as a resource for you throughout the elections process. Additionally, any potential campaign violations must be reported directly to the Elections Committee in writing. If you have any questions about ASI Elections please email the Elections Committee at

The Elections Committee wishes you the best of luck throughout the elections process!

Frequently Asked Questions

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