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New Template and Search Planned for Fall Semester

An enhanced search will be applied to the campus website in Fall 2015 to allow for faceted results and searching within specific departments. A new mobile-first template will be made available to the campus for implementation during the Summer 2015 semester. For more information on these projects, and the importance of identifying department "Content Owners", check out the "Redesign Plan 2015" and related current projects.

Get involved, join the usability testing team!

Would you like to get advanced notification and previews of designs/functionality before it is released to the campus as a whole? Do you enjoy testing and providing feedback to help shape design or features? If so, you can sign up to be on the volunteer team of usability testers.

Do you have an idea or project for the web team?

Yes, we do take requests. The web team aims to meet the needs of the campus community and all that are served by visiting our web pages. If you know of a web-related service that is needed to promote the mission of the university, let us know about it ... we have a "Project Request or Idea" form just for that purpose!