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Navigation in OU Campus

Updating the Navigation in OU Campus currently is decided by the folder level. If you have folders within folders (which should create a sub-navigation) you will need to set up the navigation on each level.

Site navigations only render 4 levels deep.

This looks like:

  • /Your site  (Level 1)
      • /category - folder (Level 2)
          • /sub-category - sub-folder (Level 3)
              • /sub-sub-category folder (Level 4)

If you have a sub-sub-sub-category folder your navigation won't render properly.

Updating a Folder's Navigation

  1. Once done adding files or pages (see Adding Files to OU guide) click the file in OU
  2. Type in the item(s) that need to be added to the navigation and link them link as regular hyperlink.
  3. Click the Save button in the WYSIWYG editor – this will save your changes as a development draft.
  4. Click Publish if the edits are ready to go live.

Need help?

If you are having difficulties with any edits on your page(s), suspect a process is taking too long, or encounter an issue not covered in this guide, please contact