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Creating a New Page in OU Campus

To create a new page in OU Campus follow the following steps:

  1. Log into OU Campus with your campus Single Sign On.
  2. Navigate to the area you would like to add in a new page.

    This should look like:
    upload example

  3. Click New at the top of the page.
  4. A pop-up will appear. Select the new page type needed:
      1. Folder - This is just a shell for contnet to reside in. This is something that can be used to host images, documents, etc.
      2. New Directory Page - this creates a dynamically generated Directory page based on usernames.
      3. New Interior Page - this creates a new page that goes inside of an already established folder.
      4. New Section - If you need to create a brand new section/folder. This option will create both the folder and the index page inside of it for you.
  5. Fill in the page type pop-up. Fill in: 
      1. Page Title - this will fill in the Heading 1 on your page.
      2. Filename - this will form your URL not let you save if spaces of upper cases are used in the file name
      3. Folder Name - if in the New Section template.
  6. Click create to create your page.

Please note: OU campus does not know when you are done editing a page and when to make it live/when to list it in your site's navigation. You will need to re-publish the appropriate file to have your newly added page show up in the navigation.