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User Types in OU Campus

There are two users in OU Campus:

  • Contributors: Student accounts generally are considered a “Contributor” account. Contributors can only alter text on a page that they have access to. Contributors cannot add in new pages, edit page titles, or delete pages.
  • Editors: Staff/Faculty accounts are generally considered an “Editor” account. Editors can edit more page content than contributors and can create new pages. 

OU Campus Limitations:

Some limitations have been added to OU Campus to prevent orphaned pages and broken links.

Contributors cannot:

  • delete a file
  • rename a file
  • copy a file
  • move a file
  • upload a file

Editors cannot:

  • rename a file
  • copy a file
  • move a file

If you need these actions please contact the Web Team at: 

Toolbar/WYSIWYG Limitations

The WYSIWYG Editor has additionally been modified to limit some actions on a page (such as font resizing, text recoloring options, strike through, and the HTML editor). If more advanced options are needed on a page, please email your request to and the Team will see if it is appropriate to modify your page(s) for you.