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Workshops & Presentations

Basic Web Editing

Hands-on instruction with the campus web publishing tool, OU Campus, covering:

  • overview of capabilities and loging in, folder navigation, and content ownership
  • adding, editing, and publishing web folders and pages
  • basic web design principals - conventions/user-expectations
  • hands-on practice in a simulated site

Offerings & Registration

Optimizing Websites

Presentation-style session covering aspects of web design and specific CSUSM publishing standards:

  • writing content for quick and efficient web delivery
  • use of color, images, and white space in design
  • optimizing pages/content for search engine results
  • designing for platform, mobile, and browser differences
Optimizing for the Web Registration


Hands-on instruction in delivering web pages and office documents in compliance with accessibility requirements:

  • overview of disability challenges and how to address them in design
  • providing clear structure to pages or documents via layout, headings, and/or alternative text
  • using a compliance checker to assess one's own contributed work for compliance