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Meet our Fall 2016 Staff


RebeccaRebecca (Student Assistant Director) is a student in the CSUSM Literature and Writing Graduate Program; she has a Bachelor's Degree in Literature and Writing from CSUSM. In her particular field, Rebecca is interested in Fantasy, Horror, Feminist Theory, and Gender Studies. Her favorite book is The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson. She has been working at the Writing Center since the 2015 Fall Semester. In her free time, Rebecca enjoys LARPing, playing Dungeons & Dragons, videogames, and spending time with her pets (3 dogs, 4 cats, and a snake). (Graduate Student, LTWR) 

Ruby is a senior. Her major is Literature & Writing Studies, and she plans on working with adolescents in alternative education. For fun, she likes to read, write, and listen to music. (Undergraduate Student|LTWR)

Sarah is Nursing student. She is pursuing her dreams to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. She loves constructing essays, assisting students to bring out their potential as a writer, solving difficult problems, and having conversations about the biological functions and structures of the human body. Sarah likes to go on long walks on the beach and jog in rough terrain. (Undergraduate Student, Nursing)

ElizabethElizabeth is a fourth-year student. Her major is Literature & Writing and she is working on a Business Administration minor. She is still figuring out what she wants in the future, but hopes to one day become a comic-book artist. When Elizabeth is not in school she paints, reads, writes, watches way too much anime, and makes frequent pilgrimages to the comic book store. (Undergraduate Student, LTWR) 

Michael is a fourth year student here at Cal State San Marcos. He is currently working on his Bachelor’s Degree in History with the long-term goal of becoming a teacher. If he is not reading an obscure nineteenth-century Russian novel or playing video games, he is most likely writing. He believes that good writing, whether it's a novel or simply a school paper, is one of the most fulfilling endeavors one can achieve. Michael also enjoys listening to instrumental post-rock music and watching science-fiction movies. (Undergraduate Student, History)

Alex is a fourth-year student at CSUSM. She is a Literature & Writing major who has not yet decided what she will achieve with that degree, but she is optimistic! She recently studied abroad in England and loves everything that involves an avocado. She loves to write short stories and have engaging conversations with thoughtful people. On her free time she likes to watch brilliantly written comedies and make mixed CDs for her closest friends. (Undergraduate Student, LTWR) 

Melissa is a senior majoring in Literature and Writing Studies, with a minor in Film Studies, and hopes to attend the graduate program here at CSUSM. Her career goal is to teach English at the community college level and possibly go for a doctorate in the future . . . if she still has the strength. In conjunction with working at the Writing Center, Melissa tutors K - 12 students who require additional assistance with Math and/or Language Arts. In her free time she enjoys live music, attending open mics, going to independent film theaters, and spending time with her daughter. (Undergraduate Student, LTWR)

Jonathon is a graduate student who is beginning his second semester working at the Writing Center. He is studying ancient history and plans on becoming a teacher at a community college unless he goes off the deep end and decides to pursue his Ph.D. as well. His hobbies include reading, writing, playing with fountain pens, and watching too many Sci-Fi shows. (Graduate Student, History)

Kayla is a second-year student at CSUSM. She is majoring in Literature and Writing and minoring in History. After receiving her bachelor's, she wants to continue with her education and pursue a master's and a doctorate. She hopes to one day teach Comparative Literature at the university level. Kayla enjoys reading, writing, painting, pretending she can play piano well, perusing antique stores, and collecting vinyl records. She has poor vision, loves dogs, wears hats and denim jackets, and talks about space a lot. (Undergraduate Student, LTWR)

Jessica is a general biology major at CSUSM. She is in her last semester of school and is trying to decide whether to enroll into Nursing School or PA school next. She interns at the Palomar Medical Center and absolutely loves it! She enjoys playing guitar, piano, and ukulele when she has free time. She loves experimenting with new food places when she gets the opportunity! She has no pets, but she loves cats! (Undergraduate StudentGeneral Biology)

Remington is a super senior majoring in Chemistry at CSUSM. Her ambitions are to pursue chemical enginering at Graduate School but she is unsure about which specific area to study. Whatever the case, she wants to learn something positive and pay it forward! Besides struggling (and crying) through science courses, she loves to delve into her many hobbies, such as eating, taking naps, playing guitar, walking, riding horses, and enjoying life! Her one kryptonite in life, thus far, is having a caffeine addiction…. aka coffee. (Undergraduate StudentChemistry)

Andrew McIntyre- Bio coming soon! (Graduate Student,  Literature & Writing)


Unique Unique is in her a third year at Cal State and is currently majoring in Child and Adolescent Development. She enjoys hanging out with her grandma and boyfriend and she really LOVES giraffes.  (Her obsession is so real that if she believed in next lives, she thinks she'd be one.) After college, she plans to pursue a Master’s in Education and get one step closer to her dream of becoming a teacher for K-5, but more specifically, deaf students. (Undergaduate Student|, Child and Adolescent Development)

DestinyDestiny is a second year who is studying Kinesiology. She plans on pursuing physical therapy with her degree. Destiny is involved on campus with Black Student Union and Blu Cru. On her downtime she enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, eating, and meeting new people.(Undergraduate Student, Kinesiology) 

Creska is a second-year student. Her major is Pre-Nursing and she hopes to become a Registered Nurse, but she is not 100% positive just yet. Somewhere down the line she'd like to adopt a couple dogs to share a home with. She is involved on campus with Kamalyan Alliance, a Filipino-American organization held here at San Marcos, and the Peer Mentoring Program. She’s a gym rat, and in her free time, she likes cuddling with a warm blanket while reading a book, getting up to hula dance or binge watching shows on Netflix. (Undergraduate Student, Pre-Nursing)

Jal is a graduate student in Computer Science. He has a Bachelors in Computer Science and Engineering. Though his major is Computer Science, Jal wants to become an author and is figuring out ways to complete his first novel. During his free time, Jal loves to read, listen to music, write, watch TV shows and play cricket. (Graduate Student, Computer Science)

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