Meet our Summer 2014 Consultants:

John  John (WC assistant director) is a third-year student in the CSUSM History Master's program. He says: "I hope to become a writer of both academic and fictional material in the future. My main areas of interest are ancient Rome and World War II-era history. My specialty in history is the absorption of other cultures into the American Identity from the Spanish War to the end of the Cold War era. I feel that writing is an art form that needs to be preserved amid all the blogging, shorthand and terrible spelling and grammar that pervade the internet and social media. I love to write creatively and am constantly coming up with new ideas." (graduate student│history)

Natalie (undergraduate student│LTWR)

Shukri (undergraduate student│biology)

Kimberlee (undergraduate student│LTWR)

Jaime (graduate student│history)

And meet our receptionists, too! (Back in Fall 2014)

Jessie  Jessie




More information to come!

Summer 2014 Hours

Open June 2 - August 8

Monday - Thursday:
10:00 AM - 3:00 PM


The Writing Center

Kellogg 1103

Director: Jeff Harlig

The Writing Center is part of the Centers for Learning & Academic Support Services at CSUSM.


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