Meet our Fall 2015 Staff


Natalie Natalie is a fourth-year student who has been working at the Writing Center since the summer of 2013. She is studying Literature & Writing and hopes to become a high school literature teacher. When not enduring unbearable days at school, Natalie enjoys reading, stargazing, and volunteering with youth. She thrives on introspective conversations and loves sharing her passion for words with others. Natalie is a Ravenclaw through and through and is slowly falling in love with The Office.  (undergraduate student│LTWR)

 Shukri Shukri is a first-generation college student in Human Development. This is his fourth year as a Human Development major, with an emphasis on children’s growth. He plans to graduate in the couple of years coming up and attend graduate school for the purpose of attaining Clinical Audiology as a career. Although he is not a literature major, he feels that English writing is part of his life in terms of communication and academic excellence. He is interested and blessed to work with students on different kinds of academic writing. (undergraduate student│Human Development)

 Kimee Kimberlee is a fifth-year student currently working to obtain her Bachelor’s degree in Communication with a minor in Business Administration. In the future, she hopes to work in the field of marketing and public relations. As a master level tutor, Kimberlee finds enjoyment working one-on-one with students and guiding them to become better writers. (undergraduate student│Communication)

 Alyssa Alyssa is in her third year at CSUSM. She is a Literature & Writing Studies major. Although the majority of her schoolwork consists of reading and writing, she also enjoys engaging in both in her spare time. She has a strong appreciation for storytelling in all forms, especially music. Her favorite band is Saint Motel because of the way they use all aspects of their composition to tell a story. (undergraduate student|LTWR)

 Marcela Marcela is a senior at CSUSM who is studying Literature & Writing. When not at school she enjoys hiking, reading, and watching movies. She hopes to inspire other students with the love of writing through working at the Writing Center. (undergaduate student| LTWR)

Ruby  Ruby is a senior. Her major is Literature & Writing Studies, and she plans on working with adolescents in alternative education. For fun, she likes to read, write, and listen to music. (undergraduate student| LTWR)

Sarah Sarah is a second-year student. Her major is pre-nursing and she is pursuing her dreams to become a Family Nurse Practitioner. She loves constructing essays, assisting students to bring out their potential as a writer, solving difficult problems, and having conversations about the biological functions and structures of the human body. Sarah likes to go on long walks on the beach and jog in rough terrain. (undergraduate student│Pre-Nursing)

Drea Drea is a fourth-year Literature and Writing student, and is currently trying to figure out her future. In the long run, she hopes to be a college-level professor with an emphasis in Comparative Literature. She is currently President of Kamalayan Alliance, the Filipin@-American organization on campus, and loves to learn more about different cultures. She's a major Doctor Who and Harry Potter nerd. She loves to sit in bed and read, but not without a cup of coffee and a chocolate chip cookie. (undergraduate student│LTWR)

Rebecca Rebecca has been in college longer than she likes to admit; long story short, she could have greatly benefited from a time-turner. Her major is Literature & Creative Writing; she hopes to become a Literature Professor with her future degree. Her favorite authors include H.P. Lovecraft, J.R.R. Tolkien, and Stephen King. This is her first year working at the Writing Center. When not at school, Rebecca fills her time with video games, LARPing, playing Dungeons and Dragons, taking care of her pets -4 dogs, 4 cats, and a snake-, and baking.(undergraduate student│LTWR)

Cayla Cayla is a fourth year student at Cal State San Marcos. She is majoring in Psychology, minoring in music, and has a strong background in academic writing. In her free time you can probably find Cayla sitting in front of her Xbox, jamming on the guitar, or telling dumb jokes that nobody laughs at. Cayla also loves wearing dresses, performing in the theatre, and having a nice cup of coffee in the morning. (undergraduate student|Psychology)

Jessica Jessica is a fourth-year student in Psychology. She plans to attend graduate school to become an industrial organizational psychologist with the goal to consult for large companies while also improving worker conditions. She lives with her small little family unit of one fiancé and one cat named Minibees. They put up with the long hours of her studying her eyes out during the semesters. (undergraduate student | Psychology)

Nathan Nathan is a graduate student in Dr. Jameson's Immunology Lab at CSUSM, a surgical/trauma technician in the Palomar Medical Center Emergency Dept., and a science writing specialist here in the writing center!  He graduated from UCSB with a B.S. in Biochemistry-Molecular Biology, and a minor in Music.  His future goals are to get accepted into medical school and to complete a surgical residency in EM (Emergency Medicine). (graduate student│Immunology)

Elizabeth Elizabeth is a third-year student. Her major is Literature & Writing and she is working on a Business Administration minor. She is still figuring out what she wants in the future, but hopes to one day become a comic-book artist. When Elizabeth is not in school she paints, reads, writes, watches way too much anime, and makes frequent pilgrimages to the comic book store (undergraduate student│LTWR)


  Patricia is a graduate student in Dr. Read's Molecular Cellular Lab at CSUSM, who also has a business background--graduating from Trinity College, Dublin Ireland with a B.S. in Business Management. One of her main goals is to become a passionate teacher of the Life Sciences, encouraging enthusiasm for the sciences in the young minds of today (graduate student).


Sarah J  Sarah is a fourth-year student at CSUSM currently working towards her English Literature & Writing Bachelor’s Degree and plans to graduate in the Fall of 2015. She hopes to become a lawyer and move on to work at Capitol Hill. When not doing homework or studying, Sarah is involved with the campus’s Orientation Team, Pre-Law Society, and Kamalayan Alliance. She likes to spend her time reading, working out, playing piano, going to the beach, various internships/volunteer work, and shopping. She likes puppies and her boyfriend Javi. (undergaduate student| LTWR)

 Unique Unique is in her a third year at Cal State and is currently majoring in Child and Adolescent Development. She enjoys hanging out with her grandma and boyfriend and she really LOVES giraffes.  (Her obsession is so real that if she believed in next lives, she thinks she'd be one.) After college, she plans to pursue a Master’s in Education and get one step closer to her dream of becoming a teacher for K-5, but more specifically, deaf students. (undergaduate student| Child and Adolescent Development)

Kaela  Kaela is a first-year ACE Scholar at CSUSM who is majoring in Criminology and minoring in Sociology. After graduation, she plans to attend graduate school to earn her Master's in Social Work then open up a home for at-risk foster youth. In her spare time, Kaela likes to draw in her sketchbook or paint a blank canvas into something magical!(undergaduate student| CRIM & SOC)

Madison Madison is in her second year at CSUSM and is double majoring in History and Political Science with aspirations to attend law school in the future, and maybe even rule the world (the latter is a pipe dream). Madison likes to enjoy her small amounts of free time by making the most of it and appreciating the joys of being lazy and watching Netflix or reading. She loves history, especially when it pertains to civil rights or Walt Disney. (undergraduate student│History & Political Science)

Destiny Destiny is a second year who is studying Kinesiology. She plans on pursuing physical therapy with her degree. Destiny is involved on campus with Black Student Union and Blu Cru. On her downtime she enjoys dancing, hanging out with friends, eating, and meeting new people.(undergraduate student│Kinesiology) 

Cassy Cassidy is a fourth-year student majoring in Psychology. After she graduates, Cassidy plans on joining the Peace Corps before pursuing her master degree in Social Work with the hopes to one day open up her own community center for homeless foster/LGBTQ youth. When she is not busy with school work, Cassidy enjoys reading, playing video games, and watching endless hours of television on Netflix. (undergraduate student│Psych)

Magaly Magaly is a second year student. Her major is Business Administration with an emphasis on finance. Currently, she is involved with Orientation Team, is Vice President of the ALD Honor Society and works down at the Clarke Field House here at CSUSM. During her spare time she likes working out, eating Hot Cheetos, watching soccer games, and solving math problems. (undergraduate student│Business Administration)

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