Dr. Jeff Harlig - Director, CSUSM Writing Center    


            Dr. Vivienne Bennett - Professor of Border Studies, Liberal Studies


      Why does the university require                      Why do you think writing
   students to write in all their courses?                 is important for students?


       What if a student feels that                      What is the role of a thesis and
         they have no expertise to                      the thesis statement in a paper?
        evaluate research material?


    Does writing in the "outside world"                    What is the role of data
          always present a thesis?                           in social science research?


        What is the difference between                          What is an ideal
   "opinion" and "reasoned judgement"?                 student paper for you?

                                 Doing Original Work - Four Case Studies


 Case Study 1 - Turnitin: What it Shows        Case Study 2 - Absolute Plagiarism


Case Study 3 - Stringing Quotes Together          Case Study  4 - Correct Work