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Faculty Discuss Writing

What you are about to see is one of a series of videos on writing, prepared with CSUSM faculty. In this series, you will hear faculty from several departments on campus talking about the whole range of the writing process. Often times, when students get a writing assignment, they don’t really know what is expected of them. They might not know why they are writing, and they may not know what the finished product is supposed to be like. For that reason, we talked directly to faculty and asked them questions like these: Why do you ask students to write? What are your expectations for writing, especially as regards to conventions of your own field? And finally, what is the role of writing in your own life and work? Our hope is that some of the mystery of the writing process can be cleared up by hearing answers to questions like these from the people who know best. 
Project conceived by former Writing Center Director, Dr. Jeffrey Harlig, in consultation with faculty.

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