Writing Center Workshop Series 

Spring 2016 Workshop Schedule:

3/8 @ USU 3300A: Subject-Verb Agreement: “Neither of my friends is coming” or “Neither of my friends are coming”?

3/15 @ KELL 1103: Verb Tenses and Active/Passive Voice: Have you been being oppressed by tenses?

3/29 @ USU 3300A: Fragments & Run-Ons: It’s very important, you need to come to this. Because we said so!

4/12 @ USU 3300A: Verb Clauses: “Because Maria is a grammar nerd, she knows where her commas go” or “Maria knows where her commas go because she is a grammar nerd”? Both?

4/19 @ KELL 1103: Adjective Clauses: “Bill is a guy that loves to dance” or “Bill is a guy who loves to dance”?

4/26 @ USU 3300A: Punctuation: How to use commas and periods correctly based on what you learned by coming to those other workshops just mentioned!

Fall 2015 Workshops:

Pre-Writing Workshop

Researching Your Topic

Time Management Workshop


Thesis Construction

Academic Writing 

AXES Paragraphs

Using the Text and Outside Sources

Presenting a Paper

Refining Mechanics

Editing and Revision Workshop

Customized workshops for particular courses and skills are also available. Faculty, staff, and students should send requests to Jeff Harlig, jharlig@csusm.edu.

Fall 2015 Hours

Open September 8 - December 11

Monday - Thursday:
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (noon)

The Writing Center

Kellogg 1103

Director: Jeff Harlig

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