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Writing Workshops

Spring 2016 Workshop Schedule:

3/8 @ USU 3300A: Subject-Verb Agreement: “Neither of my friends is coming” or “Neither of my friends are coming”?

3/15 @ KELL 1103: Verb Tenses and Active/Passive Voice: Have you been being oppressed by tenses?

3/29 @ USU 3300A: Fragments & Run-Ons: It’s very important, you need to come to this. Because we said so!

4/12 @ USU 3300A: Verb Clauses: “Because Maria is a grammar nerd, she knows where her commas go” or “Maria knows where her commas go because she is a grammar nerd”? Both?

4/19 @ KELL 1103: Adjective Clauses: “Bill is a guy that loves to dance” or “Bill is a guy who loves to dance”?

4/26 @ USU 3300A: Punctuation: How to use commas and periods correctly based on what you learned by coming to those other workshops just mentioned!

Fall 2015 Workshops:

Pre-Writing Workshop

Researching Your Topic

Time Management Workshop


Thesis Construction

Academic Writing 

AXES Paragraphs

Using the Text and Outside Sources

Presenting a Paper

Refining Mechanics

Editing and Revision Workshop

Customized workshops for particular courses and skills are also available. Faculty, staff, and students should send requests to Jeff Harlig,

Fall 2015 Hours

Open September 8 - December 11

Monday - Thursday:
9:00 AM - 6:00 PM

9:00 AM - 12:00 PM (noon)

The Writing Center

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Director: Jeff Harlig

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