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Special Major

About the Major:

The Special Major allows highly motivated students the opportunity to develop an individualized program of study that cannot be realized within a single academic discipline or available major. The special major consists of a closely monitored program of study in two or more disciplines. 

Steps to Propose and Declare a Special Major:

  1. Review the Special Major Student Learning Outcomes.
  2. Review the Conditions for a Special Major.
  3. Review the Restrictions of a Special Major.
  4. After you have completed the above steps and you feel you are qualified to pursue a Special Major,  email Dr. Domenica Pearl with your proposed Special Major concept, goals and objectives.
  5. If it is determined your concept is potentially acceptable, you will be referred to the Special Major Program Director for final approval and to develop your program of study.
  6. If the Special Major Program Director approves your proposed Special Major, you must declare the Special Major in your Student Center