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Academic Affairs Leadership Council (AALC)

Advisory body to the Provost comprised of the Provost’s direct-report MPP-level managers and Chair of the Academic Senate.

The Council has the following purposes/roles:

  • The primary purpose is vetting, planning and decision-making in an environment that encourages open discussion. Specifically, the Council will:

    • develop Division of Academic Affairs positions and recommendations regarding University matters, including University policies and procedures
    • identify topics and prepare proposals to be forwarded to President’s Executive Council for consideration or approval
    • examine and prepare recommendations to the Provost on topics such as Division of Academic Affairs mission, planning and operational issues (budget, strategic planning, space, etc.)
    • consult, as appropriate, with additional representatives of the Academic Senate for faculty input on matters under consideration by the Council (e.g., strategic planning, enrollment and budget)
  • Information dissemination is also important and critical.  The Council’s agenda will include:
    • Provost’s report, including information dissemination from President’s Executive Council, University Budget Committee (UBC), and CSU system meetings. It is expected that discussion of some of these items will generate feedback for the Provost.
    • unit announcements
  • Council members participate in on-campus interviews of candidates for Academic Affairs Deans, Associate Vice Presidents and other manager positions that report directly to the Provost.

AY 2020/2021

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