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Embracing & Advancing Technology

Built from the ground up, our campus and buildings are technologically saturated making CSU San Marcos a phenomenal place for teaching and learning in the 21st century.  At the heart of our technology mission, we pride ourselves on providing a high level of service to our campus community, keeping pace with current and emerging technologies, and enhancing the student experience.

Technology at CSU San Marcos

  • Campus Mobile App allows students to perform most common university tasks from their smart phone. Key functions: registration and related student information functions, learning management system, on-campus retail, ID, and ticketing/attendance tracking.
  • Technology Learning Center (TLC) is a popular study area for students with updated computers both PCs and Macs, larger monitors and functional seating for group work.  The TLC is located in the Kellogg Library 2nd floor.  View our informational video about the TLC.
  • Degree Planner is available for students to plan out their course roadmap by major.  In addition, the Academic Requirements Report (ARR) is also available for students at all levels to verify academic requirements. 
  • Wireless computing network gives the campus community the freedom to work where they want, when they want with access to the Internet and campus computing resources. View our informational video about the Campus Wireless Network.
  • Cougar Courses is the campus virtual learning environment for the delivery of online course content.  Professors utilize the online tool to distribute assignments, quizzes, discussion boards and send messages to students.
  • Lifetime Campus Email is available for students once accepted to the university and throughout their academic career.  Alumni are able to use the campus email after graduation to continue to stay connected to CSUSM.
  • CougarApps gives students the ability to access campus software and resources no matter where they are or which computer they're using! View our informational video about CougarApps.
  • Access for the Disabled is a priority for CSUSMAppropriate accommodations are made for users with disabilities such as the availability of many different assistive devices.  Adaptive tools and materials are added to the campus computer labs as the need arises.  All computer labs have physically accessible stations.
  • Technology Projects are tracked by our IT Strategic Plan.  In May 2018, the campus completed the process to develop a new Technology Strategic Plan.  The Unified Technology Strategic Plan is our five-year plan for planning and deploying technology initiatives campus-wide. 
  • The myCSUSM System provides a convenient, reliable and secure access to information and self-service transactions for students, faculty, and staff.
  • Technology Resource Center is where faculty can explore new software and hardware, learn new technologies, and create interactive media to enhance learning.
  • Classroom Technology: All smart classrooms at CSUSM contain projectors, control systems, video and audio playback devices, instructor's workstations, cabling, etc. 
  • Technology replacement is typically done on a 4 year replacement schedule classrooms and offices.  This includes open labs, campus kiosks, faculty and staff computers, and other administrative areas. 
  • The IT Service Catalog lists the technology services available on campus.  Services range from institutional communications, collaboration tools, administration systems and information security. See the online IT Service Catalog for further details. 

Informational Videos

Want to learn more about some of our most important technology resources? Take a look at our informative videos:

Campus Wireless Network