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College of Business Administration

4-Year Roadmaps

These 4-year Roadmaps serve as a suggested course sequence only. They include projected course offerings and are subject to change due to faculty availability and student demand. CSUSM students are strongly encouraged to fine-tune a personalized graduation plan with an academic advisor and/or by utilizing the Degree Planner in myCSUSM.

College of Business Administration
College of Education, Health and Human Services
College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral and Social Sciences
College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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Program Roadmaps
Program Roadmap Date Posted
Accounting Accounting 11/01/2021
Business Analytics Business Analytics 11/01/2021
Finance Finance 11/01/2021
Global Business Management Global Business 11/01/2021
Operations & Global Supply Chain Management Global Supply Chain Management 11/01/2021

Human Resouces Management
Management and Organizations


Management Information Systems Management Information Systems 11/01/2021
Marketing Marketing 11/01/2021