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Frequently Asked Questions

  • When will I meet with my Academic Advisor?

     Our first meeting with you will be at your New Student Orientation. Between now and then, our Academic Advisors are busily working with our returning students and prepping for your orientation session.
  • Can I register for classes before my New Student Orientation?

    Yes! You may start the enrollment process well in advance of your orientation. You will receive an email with an enrollment appointment date and are welcome to enroll in classes before we meet. For instructions on how to enroll in classes, login to Cougar Courses and review ORNT 15, your Pre-Orientation Advising course.
  • What is ORNT 15?

    ORNT 15 is an online Pre-Orientation Advising course all new students are enrolled in during their first semester at CSUSM. ORNT 15 is designed to prepare you for course enrollment and academic advising at orientation. It is extremely important you read, watch and review all of the information included in ORNT 15 at least one week PRIOR to your orientation day. You can access ORNT 15 through Cougar Courses.
  • I took courses at another college, do my classes count for my major?

    If you took a class at a college or university other than CSUSM (but, not at a California community college), and would like to have it reviewed to count for a requirement in your major (not a general education requirement), you are welcome to submit a Major Course Approval Form. The Major Course Approval Form form is only to be submitted by undergraduate students who were admitted to CSUSM this fall semester. Be ready to submit your unofficial transcript reflecting the course(s) you took, including final grade(s), BEFORE you begin filling out this form. It is also strongly suggested you submit any syllabi related to the course(s) in question.

    To review courses required for you major, login in to your Student Center at and run your Academic Requirements Report (ARR).