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Environmental Studies

Environmental Studies is a multidisciplinary major which means it requires courses from several programs or majors.  You must earn a C or better in all courses in the major.  A C- is considered “not passing”.  Because many of the courses in the ENVS major also clear both lower-division and upper-division GE requirements, students may be short of the minimum 120-units required to graduate.  Students may consider adding a minor with courses counting exclusively towards their minor(s). Common minors include:  Anthropology, Geography, or History; however, any minor(s) would allow you to complete the additional units needed to reach the minimum 120-units to graduate. 

Lower division preparation courses for the major will be cleared if an accepted equivalent is listed on

If you feel a course(s) completed at your previous institution could count for a course/requirement for the major, the course(s) must be reviewed and approved by the ENVS Department. 

Many of the upper-division core courses and electives do not have prerequisites which allows students to complete them in any order; however, ENVS 490 “Capstone” should be completed in your last semester.