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History and History-Single Subject Preparation

Lower Division World Areas I and II need to be in sequence, examples: ​

  • Sequence I: HIST 101 - World Civilizations to 1500 and HIST 102 - World Civilizations  to Present​
  • Sequence II: HIST 130 - US History 1500-1877 and HIST 131 - US History 1877-Present ​

Transfer Student ​Note: Verify with your ARR that your lower-division transfer courses are counting for World Areas I and II. Some courses transferred might not automatically meet requirements. If this is the case, submit an ARR Correction Form. Example: courses that might not automatically meet requirements: Chicano Studies 101 and 102 (CS 101 and 102) or American Indian Studies 101 and 102 (AIS 101 and 102) etc…

Are you interested in teaching K-12?

  • Both History majors can allow a student to teach History in High School; History Single Subject Preparation for Teaching will waive the CSET Exam but will require additional courses in the Social Sciences. 
  • For the CSUSM credential program, you'll want to take EDUC 350, 364, 422 and an approved health course. For more information go to Credential Students.