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Liberal Studies

The Liberal Studies major is unique among the CSUSM majors.  It is designed to prepare students to become K-8 and Special Education teachers in the state of California and consists of specific courses for general education and major requirements.  Course requirements are listed on the LBST Approved Course List (ACL) which can be found on the Liberal Studies website

The LBST curriculum also includes an Area of Focus (Concentration).  All LBST students will select their Area of Focus to determine their complete course list.  We recommend transfer students declare their Area of Focus as soon as possible. First Year students should declare by their sophomore year. You can find the Area of Focus options on the second page of the Approved Course List (ACL).  Instructions on how to declare can be found on the Liberal Studies website.  When you declare your Area of Focus, your degree planner will update with remaining courses for graduation.

Transfer Students

If you believe that a course you took at your previous institution could count for a requirement for the major, transfer students can submit a petition to request a review.

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