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Psychological Science

Transfer Student Information:

Psychological Sciences requires three lower-division classes that can be taken at community college (if articulated in They are:

  • PSYC 100: Introduction to Psychology or General Psychology – accepted from most institutions.
  • PSYC 220: Introductory Statistics in Psychology – must be a behavioral statistics course or articulated as such.
  • PSYC 230: Research Methods in Psychology (PSYC 100 and 220 are prerequisites). Must have a lab component and be articulated. 

PSYC 220 and PSYC 230 Articulation at Local Community Colleges:

PSYC 220 Palomar: PSYC 205 or SOC 205
  Mira Costa:  PSYC 104 or SOC 104
  Mt. San Jacinto: MATH 140
  SDCCD Mesa, Miramar, City: PSYC 258
PSYC 230 Palomar: PSYC 230
  Mira Costa: PSYC 205
  Mt. San Jacinto: PSYC 124 *must have lab component (2017 and later)

Additional Enrollment Information:

  • Upper-division courses in the major can only be taken at CSUSM or at an accredited university if approved by a department faculty advisor. 
  • Lower-division courses taken at community college are not equivalent to upper division courses numbered 300-400 level at CSUSM.  Example:  PSYC 125- Human Sexuality at Palomar College is NOT equivalent to PSYC 352 -Human Sexuality at CSUSM
  • Verify with your ARR that prerequisites have been transferred before you attempt to enroll in upper-division courses (300-400 level).
    • Most upper-division major courses require preparatory courses to be completed. Example:  PSYC 100, 220 and 230 must be in your transfer credit report before taking PSYC 332 – Social Psychology etc...
  • You may have taken what is equivalent to PSYC 100 and PSYC 230 at the community college and don’t have the equivalent PSYC 220.  You must still take PSYC 220.