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Academic Reinstatement

Once a student is disqualified, s/he may petition to be reinstated to the University. Reinstatement must be based upon evidence that the causes of previous low achievement have been removed. Reinstatement will be approved only if the student is able to provide compelling evidence of her/his ability to complete the degree. Petitions are reviewed by the Office of the Dean of the college in which the student's major is housed.

Students are required a mandatory out one semester immediately following the semester they were Academically Disqualified from CSUSM. These students are eligible to petition for reinstatement after serving their out one semester. Please read the Reinstatement Guide for more information.

Academically Disqualified students who petition for reinstate¬≠ment and have not attended CSUSM for two or more regular semesters must also re-apply for admission to the University, meeting all deadlines and requirements for admission eligibility. Ordinarily, CSUSM does not admit students for the Spring semester. Therefore, students who have not attended CSUSM for two or more semesters may still apply for reinstatement, but may not apply for admission until fall. Reinstated students in this situation may consider Open University as an option to take courses. 

Reinstated students may only resume their academic career at CSUSM if both clearances are granted.

It is the student's responsibility to understand CSUSM's Academic Reinstatement guidelines, requirements and process. Please read the Reinstatement Guide thoroughly prior to submitting a Petition for Reinstatement.

Student Progress Reports are strongly encouraged and help the Reinstatement Committee make an informed decision on your petition. After working with your current instructor(s) to fill out the student progress report, you may upload it with your Reinstatement Petition Form, or you may upload and submit the progress report using the Additional Documentation Submission.


Petitions must be submitted online using the Petition for Reinstatement Form by 11:59pm PST on one of the following dates:

Fall Reinstatement: May 1
*For CHABSS majors, please submit by March 31.

Spring Reinstatement: October 31

Reinstatement Guide