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Accounting, Business Administration Option

Offerings: Bachelor

Course Description

Accounting has often been called “the language of business.” Through its accounting system, an organization records its transactions and communicates its performance to stakeholders. In today’s increasing complex and dynamic business environment, accounting professionals are an integral member of the team of business decision-makers. Our program emphasizes building strong technical knowledge, developing written and oral communication skills, fostering lifelong learning and critical thinking ability, and offering opportunities to interact with the local professional accounting community. The accountancy curriculum at CSUSM is designed, in part, to prepare students for careers as accounting professionals. Through its relevant and rigorous curriculum, the option prepares students for careers in public accounting, managerial accounting, government accounting, not-for-profit accounting, and other business-related areas.

College of Business Administration (CoBA)


  • Accountant
  • Analyst
  • Billing
  • Budget
  • Consultant
  • Corporate accountant
  • Executive
  • Financial planner
  • Forensic accountant
  • Internal auditor
  • Real estate
  • Stock exchange
  • Stocks


  • Accountant
  • Accounting
  • Accounts receivable
  • Banking
  • Billing
  • Budget
  • Business
  • Consulting
  • Finance
  • Financial services
  • Money
  • Payroll
  • Planner
  • Planning
  • Procurment
  • Purchasing
  • Stocks
  • Stock trade


Accountancy, Accounting, Accounts receivable, Assurance, Audit, Banking, Billing, Budget, Business, Compliance, Data, Finance, Finance, Financial services, Forensic accounting, Inventory, Math, Monetary, Money, Numbers, Payroll, Planner, Planning, Procurement, Purchasing, Regulatory, Risk managment, Spreadsheet, Stocks, Stock trade, Tax, Taxes, Wealth