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Child and Adolescent Development (CHAD)

Offerings: Bachelor

Course Description

The Child and Adolescent Development (CHAD) major focuses on the developmental processes that occur from conception through the end of adolescence. Students gain a comprehensive overview of typical and atypical development through exploration of empirically derived milestones across biological, cognitive, and psychosocial developmental domains. Course topics focus on developmental trajectories, theories, developmental research methods, ethics, and contexts of development. Throughout the curriculum, special emphasis is placed on the interaction of the individual and environment in the unfolding of development. Students acquire knowledge through exposure to relevant scientific literature, research projects, observations, and fieldwork. The curriculum provides students with a variety of tools to acquire, communicate, and disseminate information so that they may develop a lifelong pursuit of developmental inquiry. Graduates receive an excellent foundation for subsequent careers working with children and adolescents in various fields including research, education, health care, public policy and advocacy, the law, and counseling. The Child and Adolescent Development major is offered through the Psychology Department.

College of Humanities, Arts, Behavioral & Social Sciences (CHABSS)


  • Administrator
  • Case manager
  • Child life pecialist
  • Child services
  • Daycare
  • Human rights
  • Preschool
  • Social worker
  • Teacher


  • Advocacy
  • Childcare
  • Development
  • Education
  • Teaching


Abuse, Adolescent, Advocacy, Child abuse, Childhood, Children, Develop, Early childhood, Education, Family, Psychology, Teach, Teaching, Youth, Youth services