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Computer Science & Information Systems

Offerings: Bachelor | Master

Course Description

Computer Science is basically the study of problem solving on computers. We utilize the power of computers in the problem solving process while dealing with the constraints of computers. We offer to the undergraduate and graduate student a rich mix of modern computer science courses. Common to these offerings are the power, beauty, and utility of computational thought. Applications of Computer Science knowledge include almost every field from business to education, from humanities to social sciences, or from natural sciences to engineering. Therefore, the study of Computer Science contains many fields such as computer architecture, programming languages, computer networking, database systems, information management, artificial intelligence and numerical analysis.

The California State University San Marcos undergraduate study in Computer Science emphasizes both theoretical foundations and practical applications. Students will learn algorithms, data structures, software design, the concepts of programming languages, computer organization, and computer architecture. The program stresses analysis and design experiences with substantial laboratory work, including software development. The Computer Science major prepares students for careers in applications programming, systems analysis, and software engineering, as well as for entrance into graduate and professional schools.

The Option in Computer Information Systems prepares students for positions of responsibility in the commercial environment by combining the appropriate computer courses with substantial coursework in the foundations of business. The Computer Information Systems option emphasizes data processing and programming to solve business-related problems. Being housed in the Computer Science Department, this option emphasizes solid technical knowledge of software and hardware.

Master - The mission of the graduate program in Computer Science at California State University San Marcos is to provide graduate education of the highest caliber to qualified students from the local community and beyond, leading to the Master of Science degree. Its objective is to prepare students for a variety of positions in business, industry, and the public sector; for continued study at the doctoral level; or for academic careers at the two-year college level. We believe that excellent graduate education is best accomplished in an atmosphere in which graduate students are closely mentored by the faculty. The faculty in Computer Science is committed to the study of Computer Science as a scientific enterprise, and the Master of Science in Computer Science will encourage the development of critical thinking and quantitative reasoning skills.

In keeping with the mission of the University, we offer a curriculum that includes opportunities for applied experiences to enhance the professional development of our students and to contribute to the community around us. In addition, our program seeks to recognize the global awareness of the computing world and to build links with higher education institutions in the world. The Master of Science Program in Computer Science provides breadth in several areas and depth in a specialized area in the rapidly advancing theoretical and practical aspects of Computer Science. Common to these offerings are the intelligent challenges and analytical skills of computational problem-solving methodologies.

  • Computer Science
  • Computer Information Systems
  • Minor in Computer Science
  • Master of Science in Computer Science

College of Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics (CSTEM)


  • Computer systems analysts
  • Computer systems engineers
  • Program developer
  • Programmer
  • Software developer
  • Systems administrator
  • Tech support
  • Web developer


  • Coding
  • Cybersecurity
  • Engineering
  • Hardware
  • Infastructure
  • Programming
  • Software
  • Support
  • Systems development
  • Technology


Ai, App, Assembly, Binaries, C+, Cis, Coding, Computer program, Computer science, Cs, Css, Cybersecurity, Html, Information technology, Infrastructure, It, Java, Os, Php, Python, Ruby, Social media, Software, Tech, Web