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Course Description

The Masters Program at California State University San Marcos is characterized by its emphasis on critical pedagogy and reflective practice. Its view of the classroom teacher and administrator as an instructional, ethical, and curricular leader places high value on individual empowerment, on multiple ways of knowing, on the construction of meaning, and on the production (vs. reproduction) of knowledge. Objective The Master of Arts in Education is designed for classroom teachers, administrators, and other educators who wish to extend or refine their knowledge and skills beyond the level attained in their previous studies. For some, masters level study is a way to improve their performance in the classroom; others seek preparation for leadership roles at the school or district level; still others may wish to use masters studies as the basis for graduate work at the doctoral level.

English Learner Competency

All options of the Master of Arts in Education require students to achieve competence in instructing English learners. Candidates who do not currently possess the Bilingual/Authorization, or B/CLAD, or SB 2042 English Learner Authorization, or Cross-Cultural, Language and Academic Development (CLAD) must take courses in order to apply for the state-approved CTEL Program Certification. Details found on page 152. Communicative Sciences & Disorders does not have this require-ment. The CTEL Certificate The CTEL Certificate Program consists of 12 units of coursework (4 courses) accompanied by candidates submitting a final portfolio to demonstrate mastery of the CTEL standards. The four (4) courses are offered at the MA level so that candidates completing the CTEL program can apply their courses towards a Master of Arts in Education -- a 30-unit degree program. The final portfolio is an online submission in which candidates write a narrative reflecting upon how s/he has met the CTEL standards, and attach assignments from the courses they completed as evidence. The portfolios are reviewed and assessed by the leadership team responsible for administering the CTEL program under the direction of the Coordinator of the Multicultural/Multilingual Programs.

Programs Offered

The School of Education offers the following credential programs, which are approved by the California Commission on Teacher Credentialing: Credential Programs

  • Multiple-Subject/English Learner Authorization (Elementary)
  • Integrated Bachelor of Arts and Multiple-Subject/English Learner Authorization
  • Multiple-Subject/Middle Level Certificate/English Learner Authorization
  • Concurrent Multiple-Subject and Preliminary Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities Education Specialist with Master of Arts in Education Option
  • Single-Subject Credential Program/English Learner Authorization (Secondary) with Option for Preliminary Mild/Moderate Education Specialist
  • Multiple-Subject/BLA (Bilingual/Authorization): Spanish Emphasis
  • Integrated Bachelor of Arts and Multiple-Subject/BLA: Spanish Emphasis
  • Multiple-Subject/Middle Level/BLA: Spanish Emphasis
  • Concurrent Preliminary Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities Education Specialist with Multiple-Subject/BLA: Spanish Emphasis
  • Single-Subject/BLA: Spanish Emphasis
  • Preliminary Administrative Services Credential Tier I
  • Preliminary Mild/Moderate and Moderate/Severe Disabilities
  • Education Specialist with English Learner Authorization
  • Reading Specialist Credential Certificate Programs
  • CTEL/CLAD Certificate
  • Certificate of Advanced Studies in Multicultural Education
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Biliteracy Education: Spanish
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Education Technology
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Leadership Middle Level Education
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Middle Level Education
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Science Teaching
  • Certificate of Advanced Study in Video Production in Education
  • Communicative Sciences and Disorders Preparation Certificate
  • Computer Concepts and Applications Supplementary Application
  • Dual Language Certificate
  • Global Teacher Studies and Preparation Certificate Master of Arts
  • Master of Arts in Education, Options:
    • General
    • Education Administration
    • Special Education Doctor of Education
  • Doctorate in Education, Educational Leadership
    • Joint program offered by California State University San Marcos and University of California San Diego

The Joint Ed.D. in Educational Leadership is designed to address the needs of outstanding individuals who seek doctoral preparation in research on educational practice and who aspire to leadership positions within the PK-12 and postsecondary educational communities. The program is designed to increase the knowledge and abilities of PK-12 and post-secondary administrators in response to the educational settings of the twenty-first century. The coursework highlights the importance of educational equity for all segments of the community. It is expected that graduates of this program will demonstrate a high quality of leadership skill and bring about significant improvement in public schools. The program is designed for candidates who are creative thinkers, who have superior problem solving abilities, and who demonstrate an interest in using research to bring about improvements to educational policy and practice. We will seek professionals who have a desire to deepen their understanding of the educational reform process from both theoretical and practical perspectives. Candidates are expected to have a desire to promote effective practice informed by developments in research and theory. Candidates will primarily be practicing PK-12 and postsecondary administrators in San Diego, Imperial, South Riverside, and South Orange Counties. Their full-time employment is viewed as an asset in that it will provide important opportunities to apply and evaluate theoretical and empirical material covered in coursework. Candidates will matriculate through the program as a cohort group.

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