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Literature & Writing Studies

Offerings: Bachelor | Master | Minor

Course Description

The Literature and Writing Studies Program provides instruction in both literature and writing. Students continuing in prior catalogs may contact the Department Chair or the Department Academic Advisor for old and new course equivalencies. The LTWR 300A and 300B sequence is required, and students are urged to enroll in LTWR 300A and LTWR 300B the first year they begin work on their upper-division coursework. Three- and four-hundred level courses may be taken with junior standing (or with consent of the instructor) and in any order, although higher-numbered courses may presume more background than those with lower numbers. Five-hundred level courses are graduate level but may also be taken by advanced undergraduates.

Minor - Students in many vocational fields often find that special skills in reading or analysis, as well as writing, are useful in their future work. The minor is intended to develop those skills. It consists of three (3) units of lower, preparatory coursework and fifteen (15) units of upper-division coursework. Courses taken for Credit/No Credit grading may not apply to the minor.

Masters - The California State University San Marcos Literature and Writing Studies (LTWR) Department offers graduate study leading to the Master of Arts degree. Our mission is to prepare students for study at the doctoral level, for teaching at the community college level, and for occupations in the private and public sectors that require a high degree of literacy. Rather than offering an emphasis in literature or writing studies at the master’s level, our program aims to balance and integrate these activities. Since we read writing and write reading, we see no purpose in studying one without the other. To do so would deny the integrity of our discipline. Because most of our students are, or eventually will be, teachers, our intention is to provide a graduate teaching apprenticeship within the program that begins with classes, seminars, and close faculty mentoring and leads to internships, tutoring, and teaching assistantships. Qualified students may work in the University Writing Center or teach general education writing courses. Internships may also be arranged at community colleges or other organizations.

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