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Management, Business Administration Option

Offerings: Bachelor

Course Description

The Management Option courses concentrate primarily on relationships among members of organizations as well as organization decisionmaking behavior and cultures. The courses draw on many facets of the social and behavioral sciences to guide students in their intellectual development. A common theme is the use of people skills.

There are currently two tracks in the Management Option:
Management and Organizations Track
Entrepreneurship Track

College of Business Administration (CoBA)


  • Event planner
  • Human resources
  • Manager
  • Managment consultant
  • Managment trainee
  • Marketing analyst
  • Marketing associate
  • Marketing director
  • Proof reader


  • Consumer products
  • Healthcare
  • Hospitality
  • Insurance
  • Non profit
  • Non-profit
  • Service
  • Technology


Business, Entrepreneurship, Finance, Human resources, Inventory, Leadership, Manage, Management, Market, Marketing, Math, Numbers, Procurement, Purchasing, Taxes