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Management Information Systems, Business Administration Option

Offerings: Bachelor

Course Description

This option focuses on training business-oriented professionals for developing and managing information systems. Students will learn how to define organizational information requirements and employ technology-enabled solutions to meet the organization goals and objectives. They will also learn how to lead and manage mission-critical projects, especially those related to Internet applications. The themes of the option include principles of information systems, business systems analysis and design, and database management. The option also addresses subjects such as networking, web and mobile applications, enterprise systems and business intelligence. These topics provide students with knowledge and skills essential for enhancing organizational efficiencies and effectiveness. In addition, they prepare students for careers in business systems analysis, application development, social-networking driven business, entrepreneurship, and process design. The track concludes with the creation of a business plan through the capstone course.

College of Business Administration (CoBA)


  • Analyst
  • Business analyst
  • Cybersecurity
  • Database administrator
  • Programmer
  • Systems analyst
  • Technical support representative
  • Technician
  • Web developer


  • Cybersecurity
  • Government
  • Information technology
  • Non profit
  • Non-profit


Administrator, Analyst, Business, Cybersecurity, Data, Database, Finance, Inventory, Management, Market, Marketing, Math, Network, Numbers, Procurement, Purchasing, Taxes, Technical network, Technology