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Dual Language Certificate

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Course Description

The local Dual Language Certificate issued by the School of Education is designed for educators to meet the growing need of dual and multilingual education at local, national and international levels. The certificate program examines a variety of school-based models: One-Way (foreign/second language immersion programs), Two-Way (bilingual immersion programs), Developmental (maintenance bilingual programs), and Revitalization of Indigenous Languages programs. The certificate will offer candidates, teachers and school administrators an opportunity to better understand the theoretical principles, research, and instructional practices of teaching and learning in dual language immersion settings. The scope of the certificate includes 12 units of coursework (4 courses) that examines the program goals, instructional strategies, assessments, curriculum, needs of diverse populations, cross-cultural competence, leadership, and advocacy. The local Dual Language Certificate is a program within the Master¿s of Arts (MA) in Education ¿ General-Option Program.

College of Education, Health & Human Services (CEHHS)