Placement Exams

The California State University requires new students to satisfy the Entry Level Mathematics (ELM) and English Placement Test (EPT) assessment requirements before enrolling at any CSU campus unless you are exempt by other means. You will not be permitted to register for any classes if you have not satisfied both requirements. Students may be exempt from ELM/EPT requirement with qualifying SAT/ACT scores, a designation of Exempt or Conditionally Exempt on the Early Assessment Program (EAP) exam, specific AP exam scores of 3 or better, or college level coursework certified to meet the requirement. All new first time freshman who have not been determined to be exempt from the ELM/EPT requirement must be assessed by taking the ELM/EPT placement tests. These tests are offered at all California State University campuses and you may take them at the campus nearest to you. We encourage you to take them as early as possible, and no later than the May testing date for fall admission.

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