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2012 Events


Dream The Impossible

Saturday, April 14th
9:00 am - 6:30 pm
Forum Plaza

The 2012 Dream The Impossible Native Youth Conference was about respect, culture, and education and their impact on leading healthier lives. Themes of this conference included: respect of culture and traditions, appreciating our ancestry, healthy families, drug awareness, future goals, identifying your talents, utilizing support programs, self improvement, and team building. The conference was free for Native youth between the ages of 13-18 and aimed to inspire them to Dream The Impossible.


American Indian Honoring Ceremony

May 1st
12:00pm - 1:00pm
SBSB Courtyard
Lunch will be served
Family and Friends are welcome to attend


New Journeys in Collaboration

October 4
CSUSM McMahon House

In 2012, the California Indian Museum & Cultureal (CIMCC) co-hosted New Journeys in Collaboration with CSUSM and the CICSC. This all-day event took place at the CSUSM McMahon House.

Event Website

27th Annual California Indian Conference

October 5-6
CSUSM Campus

The 27th conference recognizes the strength and progress of California Indian throughout the years while realizing the path to leadership through education, research and community.




Taste of Native America

November 28
CSUSM Campus

November is Native American Heritage Month. The CICSC and AISA took part in celebrating culture, tradition and food. Samples of various pre-contact traditional Native American foods from tribes across the United States were served.

Taste of Native America Event Flyer



More than Casinos Art Exhibit

CSUSM Campus

The exhibit showcased contemporary and traditional artwork to communicate multiple Native points of view on critical historical and contemporary issues within California Indian communities.

More than Casinos Art Exhibit Event Flyer