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Summer Alliance LINK Academy

The Summer Alliance LINK Academy (SALA) is a six-week summer program open to incoming Alliance STEM students giving them a glimpse of the college experience and a head start to their undergraduate journey before their freshman year of college. Students are introduced to the rigors of a university-level math curriculum by taking Math 125: Precalculus (4 units of academic credit). They also become knowledgeable of campus programs and resources by taking GEL 101: The Student, The University, The Community (3 units of academic credit). When class is not in session, students engage with faculty in their STEM discipline and partake in enrichments activities to obtain greater knowledge of their STEM pathway.

SALA is free and students gain 7 units of academic credit when they pass both courses and begin building community by forming a peer network and foster lasting friendships. SALA is open is STEM students except for Biology and Biotechnology majors (Biology and Biotechnology students are not eligible to participate in SALA because Math 125 does fulfill their major math course requirement).

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SALA Students

For more information about SALA, contact Marlene Gracia, Alliance College Link Program Coordinator at or call 760-750-7016.