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Alliance College LINK Mentor Program (ACLMP)

The Alliance College LINK Mentor Program (ACLMP) is a voluntary, one-on-one mentorship between a student (mentee) and a CSUSM upperclassmen Alliance student (peer mentor). Peer mentors are knowledgeable upperclassmen Alliance students who channel positive energy and showcase genuine interest to positively impact the lives of students. Peer mentors assist students in a variety of areas. Students are guided and supported beginning in the summer all through the end of their first year of college. During the summer, students virtually meet with their peer mentors weekly to receive guidance and support on how to prepare for the fall semester like learning about course planning, enrollment registration, distance learning communication and so much more.

Once the academic year begins (fall and spring semester), students virtually meet with their peer mentors twice a month to focus on a topic inherent to their success such as reviewing resume building, internships, scholarships, the power of networking, and mapping their academic roadmap. Each mentor-mentee relationship is distinctive to the needs of the student being mentored and students are part of close-knit community of peers and staff reassuring a sense of belonging to CSUSM. ACLMP is open to all majors.

Benefits of ACLMP

Students are encouraged to complete the requirements of the program each semester to receive the following benefits to make the most of their first year at CSUSM.

  • Book Voucher (funds to use at CSUSM Bookstore)
  • Gain valuable insight into your career exploration
  • Become empowered to make decisions and build self-efficacy
  • Increase confidence and understanding of campus resources SM!



“I feel more connected to the CSUSM community, considering that we had to go virtual. I received a lot of help from my Peer Mentor that was really useful and made me feel more confident. Thanks to being in the program I feel like I've gotten a good start on networking. And I also feel less alone in my struggles of being a freshman in college during a pandemic. Thank you!”

~Adan A., Arts, Media, and Design Major



“The LINK Mentor Program has made a huge impact on my first year at CSUSM by giving me an answer to every question I have had. Before school even started, my mentor was there to help me answer emails and guide me into what was expected of me in college. My mentor was always checking in on me and always made sure I was doing good. Any question I ever had and asked her, she would always answer, whether it was for classes or letting me know who to contact for extra support. She gave me good recommendations for programs for support. It was overall a really great program.”

~Cristina R., Chemistry Major



“The LINK Mentor Program has shown me the personal side of the CSUSM college experience. With everything being virtual, The Alliance has been the place to go when I need encouragement and motivation. They are always supporting students with open arms, and I especially appreciate that. When I have felt lost and discouraged, my mentor has been someone who can always help answer my questions and remind me that I am not alone in this difficult season. It has been great to know that people care about you and how you are doing, and that even tends to be something contagious that I hope to pass on to other students in their first year here, no matter the challenging circumstances.

~Leilah C., Nursing Major

ACLMP Application 

Interested in joining The Alliance College LINK Mentor Program (ACLMP)?  Complete the application:  ACLMP Application.