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Ambassador Testimonials

joselyn perez

"My parents didn't believe that their daughters would go to college. Once they saw me applying and I told them about The Alliance, they were very happy because it took a great weight off their shoulders financially.It can be done."   

Joselyn Perez - Psychology 2019

CSUSM Graduate: Spring 2018

Graduate School:  Purdue University - Doctorate Program

jesus perez

"I have never doubted myself - nor have I ever doubted I would go to college.  The Alliance helps to reinforce one's mental outlook that college is possible." 

Jesus Perez - Applied Physics 2019 

CSUSM Graduate:  Spring 2019

Graduate School:  TBA

Maribel Gamez

"As an Alliance ambassador, I have challenged myself to go beyond my potential and grow as a first-generation student. Scholarship funds like these are not only about the money, but about the chance for the opportunity for students like me to accomplish their goals."  

Maribel Gamez - Human Development, with an emphasis in Counseling Services

CSUSM Graduate:  Fall 2018

giselle bazan

"I have a great support system at home. However, the Alliance provides a refuge from distractions and gives me additional educational guidance on a professional level that I need to succeed."  

Giselle Bazan - Pre-Business with a double minor in French and Spanish 2019

CSUSM Graduate:  Spring 2019

apolinar camacho

"The Alliance provides support and resources for their students. Most important of all, they reinforce the notion that a college education is attainable. This has helped me tremendously as both an Alliance student and an Alliance Amsbssador."

Apolinar Camacho - Computer Science 2021