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Ambassador Testimonials

joselyn perez

"My parents didn't believe that their daughters would go to college. Once they saw me applying and I told them about The Alliance, they were very happy because it took a great weight off their shoulders financially.It can be done."   

Joselyn Perez - Psychology 2019  - (Alliance Ambassador Cohort 1)

CSUSM Graduate: Spring 2018

Graduate School:  University of Connecticut - Doctorate Program

jesus perez

"I have never doubted myself - nor have I ever doubted I would go to college.  The Alliance helps to reinforce one's mental outlook that college is possible." 

Jesus Perez - Applied Physics 2019  )

CSUSM Graduate:  Spring 2019

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 1

Graduate School:  UCLA - Physics and Astronomy - Doctorate Program

maribel gamez

"As an Alliance ambassador, I have challenged myself to go beyond my potential and grow as a first-generation student. Scholarship funds like these are not only about the money, but about the chance for the opportunity for students like me to accomplish their goals."  

Maribel Gamez - Human Development, with an emphasis in Counseling Services

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 1

CSUSM Graduate:  Fall 2018

giselle bazan

"I have a great support system at home. However, the Alliance provides a refuge from distractions and gives me additional educational guidance on a professional level that I need to succeed."  

Giselle Bazan - Pre-Business with a double minor in French and Spanish 2019

CSUSM Graduate:  Spring 2019

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 1

apolinar camacho

"The Alliance provides support and resources for their students. Most important of all, they reinforce the notion that a college education is attainable. This has helped me tremendously as both an Alliance student and an Alliance Amsbssador."

Apolinar Camacho - Computer Science 2020

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 2




"The Alliance goes above and beyond to help students achieve their goals. The Alliance has given me new opportunities to grow and accomplish new successes within my college career." 

Courtney Ouellette - Communication 2020

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 2




"As an Alliance Ambassador, I am fortunate enough to receive financial help and an amazing support system to carry on throughout my college career to achieve my academic goals. The Alliance program has given me an opportunity to show other students the possibilities of a college education!" 

Sally Tsai - Pre-Business / Minor: Psychology - 2020

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 2


"My parents never expected much from my siblings and I. They only asked that we focus on our education to ensure a successful future. Coming to San Marcos, I felt confident that I would succeed thanks to the support of the Alliance. With the Alliance, I am given much more opportunity to connect with others who may be able to guide me through my college years."

Melody Paulus - Biology - 2020

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 2


“Coming in as a Freshman, I had no one to guide me through and I also had no clue of the different resources on campus. The Alliance has helped me learn about the different tools there are on campus and has pushed me to be more involved.

Because on the Alliance, I feel more empowered and confident that I will reach  my goals in my career path.” 

Karen Campos - Anthropology with a minor in Spanish - 2020

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 2


“Going into college as a first generation student was going to be a big task because I thought I wouldn’t have any help or advice I could seek from others, but The Alliance has been my stepping stone into my comfort into college and makes me believe that I do have the resources to be successful.”

Sean Wolfe - Accounting - 2021

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 3




Donna Ruiz-Garcia - Marketing - 2021

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 3


Misty Renteria - Psychology - 2021

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 3


Dakota Heisel - Biochemistry - 2021

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 3


Jordan Wardle - History - 2022

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 4


Khaled Khalil - Computer Science - 2022

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 3


Matt Million - Golbal Business - 2023

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 4


Leslie Atristain - Human Development - 2023

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 4


Koby Wood - Business Administration - 2023

Alliance Ambassador Cohort 4