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Anth 440

ANTH 440 Farmworker Health Ethnography

Course involves field and quantitative ethnographic research regarding the health and health care practices of local farmworker communities. Farmworker Health and Ethnography uses the California Agricultural Workers Health Survey (CAWHS) to document and analyze the health of local agricultural workers and contribute to a long-term study of farmworker health. The course relies on partnerships  with local health care providers, local farmworker organizations, and local agencies. Using quantitative ethnographic field methods, particularly the administration of a health survey instrument to local farmworkers, students record work histories, living conditions, health behaviors, health histories, and use of clinical and non-clinical health care forms to assess the status of health and health care practices among local agricultural workers.  Students engage in ethnographic research among local farmworker populations living in North County San Diego. A principal course objective is to contribute to the documentation and assessment of local farmworker health status and health care practices through the creation of an on-going database and the generation of an annual report on local farmworker health.