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Aníbal Yáñez-Chávez

PhD in Latin American Studies, University of California, Berkeley, 1994

Instruction: Cultural Anthropology, Economic Anthropology, Visual Anthropology, World Regional Geography, U.S.-Mexico Border Studies, Immigration and Education in the U.S.A.

Service: College and University faculty governance committees; collaborations with visual and performing artists and advisor for public art projects and documentary films on the U.S.-Mexico border; reviewer and translator for Latin American Perspectives and Journal of Latin American Geography; reviewer for City & Society.

Research interests: 

  • Capitalist development and geographical transformations in North American transnational spaces
  • Dialectics of U.S.-Mexico economic integration 
  • Racial and class formation in the Americas 
  • Ethnomusicology in transnational places
  • Visual anthropology; ethnographic research & practices between art and anthropology