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California State University, San Marcos

The articles and sections of the APIFSA bylaw excerpts below reflect pertinent items inherent with our organizational purpose.

Article I.  Name, Address, Nature, and Mission

Section 1.  Name

The name of this organization is The Asian Pacific Islanders Faculty Staff Association at California State University, San Marcos, hereinafter referred to as APIFSA.

Section 2.  Nature

APIFSA is a non-profit organization.  APIFSA does not contemplate pecuniary gain or profit to the members thereof.   The funds of the Association, whether received by gift or otherwise and regardless of the source thereof, shall be used exclusively for the mission set forth below.

Section 3.  Mission

Its mission is to address and act on behalf of the needs of Asians and Pacific Islanders on campus, promote professional development of its members by fostering fellowship and cooperation among members, and to serve the community of Asians and Pacific Islanders through cultural activities and education.

Article II.  Membership, Dues, and Friends

Section 1.  Membership

The membership of the Association consists of members only. Membership to APIFSA is not limited to Asians and Pacific Islanders only, but rather to "California State University, San Marcos employees" who support the spirit and intent of the association's mission statement.

Section 2.  Friends of APIFSA

Individuals from the university and community who subscribe to the spirit and intent of the Association's mission statement, but do not wish to become voting members may elect to be affiliated with APIFSA. Such individuals may become "Friends of APIFSA" by contributing $10.00 minimally per calendar year. A "Friend" is not eligible to vote, but is welcome and invited to all APIFSA meetings.