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Welcome to the ART=OPPORTUNITY home page! Our goal is to ensure that every child has access to learn in, with and through the arts, and we hope that's your goal too! 
JUST RELEASED: Our 2018 Collective Impact Report Card.  View the report here and learn about strides we made last year in promoting access to the arts for all students. 
On this website, you have access to our current research, upcoming events, and where you will find ART=OPPORTUNITY in the news and in the community. In addition, you can access our toolkit so that you are well equipped for spreading the word about this important initiative. Because the arts make a difference! 



ART=OPPORTUNITY is a research based movement that provides leadership training, literacy residencies, summits, workshops, and anchor events for educators, parents, youth and teens, and arts providers. To learn more about our movement, explore our website, use our tools, follow us on social media and stay connected through our upcoming events!

We'd also love to hear from you and how you'll join us in our efforts of spreading our message, ART=OPPORTUNITY. In our "Why Art?" Advocacy Tools" tab, you will find all of our great resources and materials to aid you or your team in your advocacy efforts!

Please give us your feedback by taking our survey on the Advocacy tools page, which may be featured in our future annual reports and testimonials!


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