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- Christian Leon

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black lives matter

Our Mission at Art=Opportunity is to ensure that all children have access to learn in, with and through the arts. Our own research of CSUSM college students identifies social equity factors that play into college preparedness and success. We recognize that there are significant social inequality in our society and understand there is much work to be done to create a equal playing field for all children. 

The Black Lives Matter movement is a movement that we not only believe in, but stand for. Social equity in arts education starts with social equity in society. 

Check out these Black Lives Matter resources!! 

Don't miss out on the amazing work featured on our website by Jake Northington where he uses photo books to address the social justice issue that Black people face on a daily basis. 


 The following poem was written by Keiana a high school student from the transcenDANCE Youth Arts Project. We always say that art gives students a voice to tell their stories and Keiana's poem is the perfect example of that. The poem not only brings to life the feelings, thoughts and experiences that Keiana has experienced firsthand, but also brings to life what many people in the Black Community have firsthand experienced themselves. 

"I can't breathe",
"Please don't kill me", 
"I don't want to die young."
Say their names: Gerorge Floyd, Treyvon Martin.
Say their names: Breonna Taylor, Dion Johnson. 
Black men, have to fight to live.
Black women, have to beg to live.
Black children, have to cry to live.
Fighting for the same rights that the white man has,
When we fight, we're looked down on, 
"You're looting"
"You're causing a disturbance in the community."
"This isn't Justice." 
Peaceful protest, How it all started, 
People of color coming together,
Letting the higher ups know,
"This is not right, What's happening, Is not okay."
While Black men, women and children are outside,
In the hot rays of the sun, screaming from the top of their lungs:
"No Justice, No peace"
We're shot at, 
Tear gas is thrown.
What do we have to do to have people understand,
All Lives won't matter until Black Lives matter? 
- Keiana

Our Mission statement

The mission of ART=OPPORTUNITY is to ensure that every child has access to learn in, with and through the arts. Our nonprofit organization does this by educating teachers/future teachers, parents, and school administrators about the importance of arts education. We do this by providing various resources throughout the year such as free access to research that supports arts education, leadership training, literacy residencies, summits, workshops, and so much more! 

On this website, you have access to our current research, upcoming events, and where you will find ART=OPPORTUNITY in the news and in the community. In addition, you can access our toolkit so that you are well equipped for spreading the word about this important initiative. Because the arts make a difference! 

Our Four Major Initiatives 

literacy event

Literacy Residency 
In conjuncture with the San Marcos Writing project we provide resources for  pre-service and in-service teachers to equip them with the skills and tools needed to improve student-writing achievement!

Click here for more information on Literacy Residency

art card

We are so proud of being able to provide a open source of research that everyone can use to further our collective goal of all children being able to learn in with and through the arts! 

Click here for research supporting arts education 

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 Every year we provide a three day hands on workshop that provides participants with the skills and tools that teachers need to integrate the arts into curriculum!

Click here for more information or to sign up for our upcoming Bootcamp

youth summit event

Creative Youth Development 
Through programs such as The Arts Amplifying youth and the Career Pathways we have been able to directly help students develop leadership skills and so much more! 

Click here for videos of our Youth Summits



To learn more about our movement, explore our website, use our tools, follow us on social media and stay connected through our upcoming events!

Please give us your feedback by taking our survey on the Advocacy tools page, which may be featured in our future annual reports and testimonials!



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