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Meet the Center ARTES Fellows

Christiane Wood

Center ARTES Faculty Fellow in STEAM + Literacy

Dr. Wood's instruction mirrors contemporary trends in the field of literacy. It aims to foster teacher candidates understanding of innovations in literacy teaching  and learning through technology integration and student-centered practices with a focus on the intersection of multimodal literacies

Lucy HG Solomon

Lucy HG solomon
Center ARTES Faculty Fellow in STEAM Ingenuity

Professor Solomon translates research on arts education into visuals through data visualizations, she specializes on the intersections of art, technology, science, and society,  and she guides students as they seek alternative methods to convey research-rich stories through mediated experiences.

Kristin Moss

image of kristin moss
Center ARTES Faculty Fellow in Community Arts

Dr. Moss' work focuses on art, identity, and social change and engages in different communities and explores ways that visual culture  contributes to discourse s of cultural identity, offers creative conceptualizations of contemporary society, and can serve as a model for democratic participation  and citizenship.

Cherie Hill

Cherie Hill smiling
Center ARTES Faculty Fellow in Dance & Community

Professor Cherie Hill creates art that explores human expression through the body in collaboration with nature, music, and visual imagery. As an equity advocate, her research, service, and teaching interests support equitable and inclusive environments, especially for those stemming from marginalized populations.

Check out the amazing work of the Center Artes fellows on our website as Dr. Wood's professional development opportunities, Professor Solomon's work with our STEAM ambassadors, and Dr. Moss's social justice class project and our new fellow professor Hill.

Our mission statement

Our Mission at Art=Opportunity is to ensure that all children have access to learn in, with and through the arts. Our own research of CSUSM college students identifies social equity factors that play into college preparedness and success. We recognize that there is significant social inequality in our society and understand there is much work to be done to create an equal playing field for all children. Our nonprofit organization works at creating an equal playing field for students by educating teachers/future teachers, parents, and school administrators about the importance of arts education  for all students. We do this by providing various resources to the public throughout the year such as access to open source research that supports arts education, creative youth development as well as college and career pathways for youth engaged in the arts, literacy residencies, boot camps and workshops on arts integration, and more.

On this website, you have access to our current research, upcoming events, and where you will find ART=OPPORTUNITY in the news and in the community. In addition, you can access our toolkit so that you are well equipped for spreading the word about this important initiative. Because the arts make a difference! 

To learn more about our movement, explore our website, use our tools, follow us on social media and stay connected through our upcoming events!

Please give us your feedback by taking our survey on the Advocacy tools page, which may be featured in our future annual reports and testimonials!

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