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Meet the 2021–2022 STEAM Ambassadors

Jade Comagong

image of jade camagong
Jade is a Liberal studies major with an emphasis in Border studies, who hopes to combine her passion for travel with her passion for teaching kids. She is drawn to STEAM because of the vast perspectives and unique opportunities it provides within student learning. 
What does it mean to be a STEAM ambassador to you?
To me being a STEAM ambassador means being able to challenge my curiousity, to go further in asking questions and playing around with our ideas. By healthily pushing one another in creating and growing I’ve welcomed a new meaning of collaboration.


Melanie Wollrabe

image of melanie wollrabe

Melanie attends CSU San Marcos and is majoring in Liberal Studies. She hopes to become an elementary school teacher after college, so becoming a STEAM Ambassador has been a great opportunity for her to gain experience with project planning and working with kids!

What does it mean to be a STEAM ambassador to you?

To me, being a STEAM Ambassador means inspiring young students to create with both art and science, and even storytelling! I found that involving art and storytelling with science has helped to make it both more fun and easier to understand. I hope that as a STEAM Ambassador, I can continue working to bring creativity to science!


Jenna Portis

image of jenna portis

Jenna Portis is a STEAM Ambassador for California State University San Marcos. She has been going to CSUSM for all four years and will graduate May 2022! Her major is in Liberal Studies and she hopes to become a teacher. Jenna loves incorporating art in a learning environment because she thinks it expands on creativity and individuality.

What does being a STEAM Ambassador mean to you?

Being a STEAM ambassador is important because it gives students the tools and methods they need to explore new and creative ways of problem solving and thinking outside of the box in a multitude of different situations. I love that I have had the opportunity to problem solve different ideas for the project that we had during the spring semester. We were able to all work together and come up with a creative and fun way to see how pollution in water affects the environment around the body of water.