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Why Art? Moving Foward

The current Covid-19 pandemic has forced people out of their comfort zone and into situations that require adaptation, ingenuity, and creativity – all characteristics of the art world. The arts have proven essential for people to express their thoughts, feelings and over all their experiences. Our Why Art? cards extend beyond their initial purpose of proving why the arts are crucial for students and shift into a place in which the arts become essential in adulthood. We invite the community and our partners to share why the arts are fundamental to moving into the collective future! 

Covid-19 and Why Art? Cards

why art card goal

As I started to flip through my stack of Why Art? Cards to decide which one I would write about I got caught on the card that explains what the Why Art? cards are. I know it doesn’t really technically count as a card but I thought I would start off by sharing some thoughts about this one. Stating the cards mission statement, it reads, “Our goal is to change public opinion from arts as fluff to arts as essential.” Right away my mind went to how, when quarantine started, we started hearing the phrase “essential workers” and “essential work” very, very frequently. I really love the thought that during this time with COVID-19 still being active, all of us at home that are now working from home are still technically essential workers. The cards themselves say that art is essential so it’s our job to engage with art in any way we can while we are home! With whatever extra time we now have under our given circumstances, of course.

- Gianina Provencio (CSUSM Arts Ambassador)



A card I felt was relevant for what is happening right now was the one that says, “Art nurtures hope and resiliency.” While we embark on this mission with the arts during something as monstrous as COVID, a lot of what we can do while waiting out this virus is hope. Engaging in art in any way we can during this quarantine is really a great way to stay hopeful! Whether we’re discovering new books, music, shows and movies, or revisiting old favorites, or even creating art in any medium available can help us stay refreshed amidst these unpredictable times. I personally have never turned to making art with my hands, but lately I’ve just barely pushed myself out of my comfort zone to draw and color and take more pictures than I ever have before. It has been nice to have a bubble where I feel good about creating things that are new and different to me. I often think about if we were stuck enduring this weird and uncertain time in quarantine without any type of art. There would be no outlet for us to lose ourselves in, connect with, or escape to. Thankfully, the many mediums of art remain right alongside us everyday as a reminder that we can keep moving because there will always be some type of art to turn to. 

- Gianina Provencio (CSUSM Arts Ambassadors)