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2019 and Beyond

The Academic Success Center

The Academic Success Center is an innovative space where we look at data to identify specific student academic needs. As our driving force is to help students reach their graduation day, we pilot and assess new ideas both collaboratively across the university and independently, with the intent of providing:

  • Consistent academic services within the ASC.
  • One-time academic support to address the unique needs of students and courses.
  • Student outreach to ensure progress to graduation.
  • Capacity-building academic opportunities across colleges.


Programmatic pilots:

  • Transfer student support (established Fall 2017)
  • Supplemental Instruction expansion (established Spring 2018)
  • Cougar Study Buddies (established Spring 2019)
  • Pop-up tutoring (beginning Fall 2019)
  • Tutoring in high needs courses (beginning Fall 2019)
  • Academic workshops (beginning Fall 2019)
  • Scholarship cohorts
  • Mentoring opportunities