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Community of Inquiry, Practice, and Action on Second-Year Student Success

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The Academic Success Center (ASC) at CSUSM invites members of the faculty to join the first Community of Inquiry, Practice, and Action (CIPA).  A CIPA is a group of faculty who come together as a group to learn about a topic or issue related to student success, work collaboratively to incorporate that learning into their practice, and develop a project to effect change on campus.  The inaugural CIPA will focus on sophomore or second-year student success at CSUSM. 

Why study second-year students? CSUSM’s interest in second-year students is driven by a recent finding that although we have made significant progress with regard to retaining students into their second years, attrition remains high during that second year: around 15% of the first-time students who make it to year two do not return for year three.  Faculty play an essential role in guiding students through the second year while remaining active, energized, connected to their major and discipline, and ready to engage in the kind of deeper learning necessary to succeed in upper division disciplinary coursework (Schreiner, 2010). 

What is the role in the CIPA for faculty who don’t teach second-year students?  We expect these discussions will be informed from a variety of faculty perspectives, so direct experience teaching second-year students is not required, nor is a current teaching assignment of second-year courses.  Interest in the topic and a desire to learn and explore are the only requirements. 


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