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Transfer Student Spotlight

SEPTEMBER 2019: Daniel

My name is: Daniel DeLoe.

I am: athletic, friendly, hard working, and a history nerd.

I am a: History Major.

I transferred from: Bethel College in Kansas to Cuyamaca. I then transferred from Cuyamaca to Palomar, then Palomar to CSUSM.

My favorite place to hang out on campus is: the Academic Success Center!

A tip for transfer students is: to get involved in campus. Whether that is a club, job, or going to events; your time will be easier and go by faster if you are involved in something on campus.

My most memorable moment at CSUSM so far is: when a few friends and I dressed up as Professor Bechtol on the last day of class. We all wore button-ups like he wears, and it was really fun to do!