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Elections Committee

The responsibilities of this committee include:

  • Plan and oversee all elections of the ASI Board of Directors in compliance with the ASI Election Code, University Policies, California Non-profit Benefit Corporation Law, California Education Code, and Title V.
  • advertising matters and issues surrounding elections, including but not limited to the application timeline, election dates, forums, and candidate meetings
  • ensure that candidates are informed of and adhere to policies and procedures set forth in the ASI Election Code.
  • receive and respond to any and all grievances, appeals, or complaints brought against any candidates.

The Elections Committee shall consist of the following members:

  1. Voting Members:


  1. Three (3) members of the ASI Board of Directors, who are not running for office
  2. Four (4) CSUSM students not affiliated with ASI, who are not running for office.
  1. Non-Voting Members:


  1. Dean of Students Office Designee
  2. Office of Inclusive Excellence Designee

Standing Invitees

  1. ASI Executive Director or designee
  2. ASI Assistant Director of Government Affairs & Initiatives
  3. ASI Media & Communications Coordinator


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