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A feminist celebration to raise awareness about health issues, challenge harmful and offensive advertisements and media, and promote positive body image.  Learn, dance, eat, and strut down the runway in this proclamation for self-love!

Since 1985, March has been designated by Congress and the President of the United States as Women’s History Month.  This proclamation is intended to recognize the struggles and celebrate the achievements of women in the United States.  The Library of Congress states that, “…women have struggled throughout our history to gain rights not simply for themselves but for many other under represented and disenfranchised groups in America.”

Many campuses, including CSUSM, have begun celebrating Women’s Herstory Month with their communities.  The concept of herstory has been coined as a way to look at history through the experiences of women.
At CSUSM Women’s Herstory Month is a campus-wide celebration with over a dozen events that are made possible by the contributions of campus partners.  

The Gender Equity Center Recognition is an annual celebration for graduating students who have contributed to the promotion of feminism and gender equity at CSUSM.  The recognition is open to any student whose curricular and/or co-curricular involvement is aligned with the work of the Gender Equity Center.  Registration for the Gender Equity Center Recognition opens after spring break.