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Plan an Event

Do you have an idea for a great event? Use the following as a guideline to help keep your event on track and as a checklist to remind you of all the details that will need to be planned. Have fun!

Event Planning Timeline

EIGHT WEEKS prior to your event...

  • Talk to your peers and see if they love your idea as much as you do! Bring it up at a meeting, SAC, or in an informal conversation.
  • Talk to your advisor for tentative approval.
    • Discuss Timeline
    • Determine Budget
    • Plan Date and Time (25 Live, conflicting events, etc.)
    • Discuss Intentionality/Relate Event to the ASI Mission
    • Review Event Proposal if Applicable
    • See ASI's Event Planning Guidelines for inspiration.

SIX WEEKS prior to your event...

Fill out the online Graphics Request Form.
  • The Marketing Team will follow up to confirm and let you know when to expect a marketing package.

During the last FOUR WEEKS prior to your event...

(adjust as necessary for large-scale events)


Upon receipt of marketing package...

Promote Event
  • Join, share, like and engage with social media events and posts.
  • Post A-frame signs and distribute flyers.
  • Talk to your peers. Get the word out!

On the DAY BEFORE your event...

Last Minute Details (do not wait until the day of the event)
  • Verify all logistical arrangements.
  • Gather and organize all of your materials for the event.


Attend Your Event
  • Be Present and Engaged
  • Have Fun!

Within SEVEN DAYS of your event...