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CSUSM supports breastfeeding employees and students who wish to pump breastmilk for their children while at work or attending school. CSUSM will provide a location and a reasonable amount of time to accommodate employees and students pursuant to state laws and Title IX.

Lactation Rooms on Campus

Gender Equity Center – USU 3200

Kellogg Library – KEL 3000

  • Ask for lactation room key at the front desk.

Craven Hall – CRA 6312

  • Hospital Grade Breast Pump compatible with Lactina Double Breast Pump Kit for university employees – contact Human Resources for more information.
Title IX

Pregnant and parenting students are protected under Title IX, a federal law that   prohibits discrimination based on sex in educational programs.  The Gender Equity Center is available if you would need support accessing Title IX resources.

Title IX at CSUSM:

Pregnant Scholar (resources):

Family Friendly Opportunities

Want to be more involved on campus, but wish you could bring your family with you? The family friendly paw indicates campus events the whole family can enjoy.

Family Friendly Logo

Don’t see the family friendly logo, but want or need to bring your child to an event?  We can help you reach out the event organizers!